SAMSUNGOne of the main misconceptions of music therapy is that a client or patient has to have some particular music ability to benefit from music therapy. They do not.

Another misconception is that there is one particular style of music that is more therapeutic than all the rest – this is also not the case. All styles of music can be useful in effecting change in a client or patient’s life. An individual’s preferences, circumstances and need for treatment, and the client or patient’s goals help to determine the types of music a music therapist may use.

Another misconception is that music therapists are entertainers. Board Certified music therapists are music therapists and what we do is a form of therapy and not for the purpose of entertainment. However, we do like to infuse good music and enjoyment into every program we plan.

Is music therapy a reimbursable service?                                                                                                  Music therapy with specific population groups.