SAMSUNGThe humanistic approach to music therapy practice is based on the holistic idea that we are all a mind, a body, and a spirit. Within this approach is the concept of self (an individual’s consciousness of their identity), free will (we all can choose our actions), and unconditional positive regard (we are all unique, valued, and respected). An individual’s ability to experience being considered unique, valued, and respected should be present regardless of their life’s circumstances.

At Gsus our goal is to help our clients actualize their potential and realize their best self. We are constantly asking and seeking to answer questions. What is it like to be this individual? What is it like to walk in their shoes? What is it like to see and experience the world as they are experiencing it? We believe that when an individual is dealing with a disease, illness, or injury, the mind, the body, and spirit are all engaged in the healing process.