Yes35At Gsus Music Therapy Services & Center, LLC, our philosophy is to treat people with unconditional positive regard, and to meet them where they are to help them move to where they would like to be. We have many people who come to us for music therapy treatment that span across a wide range of needs and concerns. We do not believe that people should be defined by their symptoms, diseases, or conditions. We believe that when an individual is dealing with an issue, all of who they are – mind, body, and spirit – is involved in the process. We also have many who come to us for applied and adaptive music lessons. We believe in teaching skills based on where an individual is to bring them to where they would like to be based on their own goals. Through our music therapy-based performing ensembles, we believe everyone should be able to experience and enjoy the creation and performance of good music. Our philosophy is based in the humanistic approach and combined with biofeedback applications to allow our music therapists and music educators to bring about the most effective plan for treatment and possible change we are able to offer for an individual or group.