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“Picture 28 rising high school seniors who have been chosen by their high school counselors to attend a residential leadership development program emphasizing service to community.  The students come from 12 different high schools so many of them do not know one another.  It is pitch dark in the middle of a field with a bonfire and students are curious and eager to get to know one another and have a great week.

Enter Chris and Sharolyn and the magic begins!  The enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaging duo led the group through a drumming experience and discussion that was memorable, fun, and educational.  Through the expertise of these two individuals whose energy compliments each other, the students learned about themselves and one another.   The 2012 Drumming experience with Chris and Sharolyn was an excellent music therapy experience to start our week of the students’ learning about themselves, their strengths, their listening ability, and how they interact with a group.

At the end of the week experience, all student participants ranked the drumming circle as a ‘MUST INCLUDE’ for future programs.” – Karen S.


“Camp Superkids is a camp for asthmatic children and is located in Winchester, Virginia.  It was our good fortune to have Sharolyn and Chris lead a drum circle for our campers. Through their expert leadership, 40 campers aged 8-12 had these Virginia mountains pulsing with their positive energy beats.  All of these energetic campers were engaged and having loads of fun in the drum circle around the bonfire. They were so popular that we asked them to return the following year to bring their brand of music, energy, and expertise to our camp.  Texas has gained two wonderful musicians and Camp Superkids highly recommends them!” – Rhonda B.


“Chris and Sharolyn provided some of the most exciting and memorable sessions for my group of music summer campers! Totally engaging, totally fun, and educational for good measure (pun intended).” – Allyn L.


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