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Music therapy sessions are offered year round. There will be no sessions from 25 November until 30 November and from 18 December until 7 January. Two week-long music therapy conferences occur annually, in March and November. Clients will be given at least one month’s notice if their music therapist decides to attend. Additionally, the music therapist will have a two week mental health break to be scheduled at their discretion. Clients will be given at least two week’s notice of when their music therapist will schedule this time. Periodically, the music therapist will be required to attend continuing education trainings/seminars. Clients will be given at least one month’s notice of when their music therapist will need to schedule these trainings.


Sessions will begin and end at the scheduled time, regardless of what time the client arrives. If a client is late, the music therapist will wait 15 minutes from the scheduled session time before the session will be considered cancelled. The client will be billed for the session. Although it is our sincere goal and desire to provide effective and enjoyable music therapy services, these goals can only be realized with consistently willing participants.


A minimum of 24 hours is required for a music therapy service cancellation. Any notifications made under the 24 hour time frame will result in the individual being billed for the service and charged a $25 cancellation fee. Mitigating circumstances (i.e. emergency or illness) for notifications under 24 hours will be considered. Once a client has refused services a total of three (3) times, the services will be suspended for a month or until the client requests for the services to be reinstated. Payments for the services are still expected if a client refuses their scheduled therapy.  Once a client has refused services one (1) more additional time following the reinstatement of therapy services, the music therapist can/will reserve the right to terminate services. Clients will be notified of this decision verbally and in writing. To make sure we are all at our best, and to reduce the health risk to our other clients, if an individual is contagiously ill (i.e. cold, flu, etc.), the session will be cancelled until health has been restored and rescheduled with no penalty fee.


All payments for services must be paid at the time of service or prior to service. You may pay for an entire month of sessions in advance. Monthly installment payments will be due no later than the 10th day of each month. Payment plans are available for consideration for those clients who can establish financial need. Clients who do not pay at the time of service, or prior to service, will not be given their session and will be removed from their therapists schedule for the month or until the account is current. Once an account has reached 30 days past due, a late fee of 5% will be added to the total amount due. We will not hold time slots until payment on an account is up to date. As soon as a client is removed from the schedule, that time slot is immediately considered available for another person.


All accounts that are beyond 60 days past due will go to collections and will be resolved through small claims court and/or a collections agency.  All lawyer fees, court costs, and other relevant costs will be given to the judge and requested to be legally ordered the responsibility of the client. All persons who are making steady and regular weekly payments to get their account caught up will not be referred to collections. Payment plans are available for those clients who can establish a financial need.

Exchange & Returns:

All products and services are non-refundable.