IMG_1023 - CopyWhen asked to describe herself, Sharolyn says, “I am His. I am Music. I am me. I love what I do. It is more than an honor and a privilege. I am humbled daily.”  What that doesn’t tell you?  Sharolyn is a private music therapy practice owner, a nationally registered board certified music therapist, a nationally certified music educator and instructor, a certified and ordained minister of The Word of God, university guest lecturer and professional speaker/presenter,  vocal and instrumental ensemble clinician, DRUMBEAT drum circle addiction intervention specialist, biofeedback and neurobiofeedback specialist, and a talented musician with over thirty years of music, music composition, and music performing experience in multiple languages across opera, theatre, Broadway, classical, Latin, gospel, and Jazz idioms.  She has spent over 30 years studying music and over 20 years teaching music and performance lessons privately with concentrations in voice, piano, guitar and world percussion. She is the founder, owner, and supervising music therapist of Gsus Music Therapy Services & Center.  She is also the founder, lead music therapist, and creative director for Gsus Harmonies Nonprofit organization.  Sharolyn specializes in biofeedback and neurobiofeedback, holistic applications and approaches through nutrition, and the psychology, psychotherapy, anatomy and physiology  and neurology of musical function in application to human behavior through music therapy.  She is also the bandleader for Gsus Collective. 

Sharolyn holds a Bachelor of Music Education with a Certification in Jazz Studies and a minor focus in Psychology from Texas State University-San Marcos.  She holds a Graduate Certification in Music Therapy with a focus in Psychotherapy and a Master of Music Therapy with a Minor in Latin Music Studies from Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University.  She has also completed post-graduate studies in Guided Imagery in Music (GIM), religion and spirituality in health care and therapy, homeopathy and nutrition, ministry and counseling, biofeedback, and neurobiofeedback. 

Sharolyn is currently enjoying the adventures of clinical work and research and private practice ownership, making a joyful noise, composing, arranging, recording and performing music, helping others heal through music, and the lifelong journey of SONSHIP.  She is the wrangler over many interesting creatures – most intriguing of which are Knuckles Satchmo and Bacon Simone, Gsus Music Therapy’s miniature pot-belly therapy pig and session companions, Dizzy G. and Deedles D., Gsus Music Therapy’s goats and session companions in-training, and a few others. She will talk about all of them without you even having to ask.  In her free time, you can find Sharolyn engaging her favorite pastimes – working on her Bucket List and making music!

Through what Sharolyn calls a series of horrifying life happenings, music therapy reaffirmed her passion for music and compassion for the human condition, supported her personal belief that music is contagious and can change our lives, and certified her belief that music is therapeutic and good medicine for the mind, the body, and the soul – just like laughter.  As a music educator, Sharolyn infuses elements of music therapy, biofeedback, and neurobiofeedback into her teachings.  As a board certified music therapist, Sharolyn works with individuals and groups from in the womb and through the birthing process (perinatal hospice), through the broken roads in life (PTSD, anger management, trauma and recovery, addiction recovery, pain management, stress, sexual trauma and recovery, communication, pre-marital & marriage counseling, motor skills, functional life skills, cardiovascular health, wellness, palliative care, depression, burn out, child loss and much more), until hospice and death and through the grief and bereavement process.  Music has the ability to soothe, to heal, and to bridge gaps in ways that words cannot. Music is above and beyond words.

Sharolyn sets a high standard for her musicianship, her teaching methods, and for her clinical and medical music therapy services by striving to make a positive difference and lasting change with everyone she works with through excellence, as well as a positive difference and lasting change with everyone she meets. Her focus is the overall wholeness and well-being of the individual in spite of life’s storms and trials, and using music therapy and music to achieve our highest level of functioning. Her personal philosophy in life is to BE the CHANGE that she would like to SEE in the WORLD.

Are you ready to start your journey in music therapy? Are you ready to begin your private music lessons adventure? Do you need a professional musician for your event or gathering? Would you like to begin with your free 30-minute consultation? Give Sharolyn a call at 512.754.9631.