Bit of Butter…Pear Butter That Is


At Gsus Music Therapy Services & Center, LLC, we provide music therapy sessions for a wide range of clients with a wide range of needs.  While our services are always programmed to each individual and their specific needs, some of the clients we see are individuals who have special medical- or health-related concerns that require the services we offer to be even more specialized to meet their needs.  This may include the use of specific or adapted instruments and intervention methods.  We are currently fundraising with a “Bit of Butter…Pear Butter That Is” campaign. We have created 7 different flavors of organic (but not certified organic) Pear Butter and have lovingly jarred them for your tasting delight.

What exactly is pear butter, you ask?  It’s a saucy/buttery spread made with organic pears and various added spices or flavors.  It has many uses, including as a spread on bread, toast, or biscuits, as an additive to yogurt or soft cheeses, as a topping for oatmeal or ice cream, as a delicious substitute for healthy recipe creations, as a unique rub for poultry and other meats, and much more.  The uses of pear butter are endless.

To titillate your pallet, we have Traditional Pear Butter, Cinnamon Pear Butter, Spiced Pear Butter, Autumn Spiced Pear Butter, Caramel Saffron Pear Butter, Honey Vanilla Pear Butter, and Toasted Coconut Lime Pear Butter.  These savory concoctions are guaranteed to be a delectable addition to any meal, snack, or culinary creation.  For the foodie in you or just because you would like to lend a helping hand.  Our jars of “butter” come in 4 oz. (1/4 pint), 8 oz. (half pint), and 16 oz. (full pint).  The 4 oz. jar is $2; the 8 oz. jar is $4; and the 16 oz. jar is $6 or 2 for $10.


All funds earned from the sale of these jars of taste bud delights will be used to purchase a case of Suzuki ToneChime bars to be used for our clients who are hospitalized and for those who require a more sterile environment for the management of their conditions. A single case of chimes costs in the neighborhood of $700 plus shipping and handling.

Music Therapy - Chimers

Having these ToneChime bars would allow us to add another method of providing music therapy services with other instruments that can be more effectively sanitized, and would allow us to make sure that the services our clients receive are effective and beneficial for their overall wellness and well-being.

Every little bit helps us get that much closer to our goal. What better way to give to charity than to have a delicious treat to go with it?

Thank you for helping us with our “Bit of Butter…Pear Butter That Is” campaign. Stay tuned to hear more about our charity walk.

Best wishes for a grooving day and at least one moment that makes your heart smile,

The Gsus Music Therapy Treatment Team and the Gsus Music Therapy Family