Music Therapy, Healing, Wellness, and Overcoming

If you are breathing, you have more than likely been hurt somewhere in your life by someone or something in some way, shape, form, or fashion. You may have even been the one to hurt you. It may seem like a small consolation to have this acknowledged; but be encouraged, Beloved, you are not alone. We have all been there at some time or another. Everyone has been dropped by life in some way. If we keep living, chances are we will all experience being dropped again at some time or another. We will all lose a loved one too soon. We will all have someone (or many someones) in our life who challenge us. We will all experience a friendship or relationship that falls apart and leaves us trying to cope in a way we never had to before. We will all lose something, whether material or not, that we will invest of ourselves trying to recapture. We will all be disappointed. We will all find ourselves with pivotal moments where we realize something has to give.

Medicine (2).jpgWe will have all have trials and troubles that will bring us people, problems, pain, and pressures. Take heart, you are not alone. There is one universal truth we all have to face if we are to keep living. And it is our sincere hope and prayer that you will always choose life. The universal truth is that life is something we have to feel, something we all need to live. There is no escaping it. Life will keep coming – whether we want it to or not, whether we feel prepared for it or not, whether we feel strong enough for what it will require of us or not. Take a moment to check-in with yourself. Be honest with you.

Do you experience negative emotions or thoughts when you need to interact with certain people or situations? Do you neglect yourself and put off taking care of your own needs? Have you become your own worst critic? Do you feel anxious and stressed all of the time? Do you feel like whatever you do just is not good enough? Do you exist in a place of guilt and self-doubt – even for things you cannot control? Do you sometimes feel alone – even when you find yourself surrounded by people? Do you keep yourself achieving small because you don’t want the attention to fall on you? Do you go out of your way to protect yourself from others? Do you work all of the time to keep yourself preoccupied? Do you find yourself having the same cycling thoughts over and over? Do you find yourself saying “yes” to things you would rather say “no” to or vice versa? Has life left you feeling like the proverbial doormat? Have you experienced a trauma that has left you reeling ever since and you’re not sure how to move forward? Do you find yourself at a crossroads and ready for change? Do you keep thinking there is better, but you’re not sure how to get to the better?

OvercomingIf you are an adult who did not receive, for whatever reason, what you needed from your mother, your father, your family, your environment, your upbringing, your interpersonal and/or professional relationships, your faith, your job, or anything else you needed to grow up and into a confident, secure, self-assured individual, who believes in his/her worthiness as a human being, this is for you. This is not about bashing any of the people, places, or things mentioned because the goal is healing, wellness, and overcoming – even if the people, problems, pains, and pressures keep coming or do not change. We are interested in helping you find the bottom line, so you can let go to go on and have a more fulfilled life. We want to help you overcome, to succeed as you define success for your life.

You may feel broken, abandoned, betrayed, unworthy, unneeded, unloved, undervalued, or a whole slew of other negative and draining emotions. You may be self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, overworking, sex, religion, shopping, overworking out, escaping into AI (artificial intelligence) platforms (ie. excessive Facebook-ing, Pinterest-ing, Instagram-ing, etc.), surrounding yourself with those who can share in your feelings of bitterness but not in your idea of better, just to name a few things. But no matter what you do, you still feel empty, lost, overwhelmed, or drifting aimlessly, there is something you need to know. There is more in this life for you. You can still heal, you can still find wellness, wholeness, and balance. The choice is yours.

Encouragement8 - CopyEverything that has happened to you, every negative thing that was said to you, every label that has been heaped on you – mind, body, and spirit – every thing that life did not give you, every thing you thought would happen, but didn’t, you need to know you are important, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are needed. There is more in this life for you. The bottom line is this: you are still here, Beloved. No matter what this life has thrown at you, you are still here. No matter what this life did or did not give you so far, you are still here. As long as there is life in your body, as long as you have a heartbeat, as long as you are breathing – and definitely if you can read this – you are yet and still here and there is more in this life for you. 

At Gsus Music Therapy Services & Center, we focus on the overall well-being of the mind, the body, and the spirit through music. Every music making experience we offer is customized to address your needs through the listening, moving, playing, and singing of and to music. We work within the neural pathways of the brain to bring about change for and within an individual; and we do it through music and musical elements. Why music therapy? Because we are rhythm.What kind of music do we use? We use the kind of music you prefer.  Music therapy is both a CAM-titled (complimentary alternative medicine) and alternative therapy field of practice. At Gsus, we specialize in biofeedback to guide the music therapy process – which is just a fancy way of saying we use your body’s functioning (like your heartbeat, your brainwave functioning, your pulse, even your rate of breathing) to bring about change for and within an individual. Everything we do is goal-based. If it is your goal, then it is our goal. Sure, it will look and feel like playing an instrument and singing a song or beating a drum; but a great many things are taking place.

Medicine (3)A mental health need is not a figment of the imagination and it cannot always be “walked off”. Any mental health need is very real. You need to know, there is more in this life for you – no matter your circumstance or situation. We are here to help you learn new coping strategies to deal with the people, problems, pains, and pressures of life. A life filled with conflicted thinking, strange thoughts, pervasive thoughts, or redundant thoughts does not have to be all there is for you. We are not here to judge. We are here to help. You are worthy of a fulfilled life. You are worthy of your healing. You are valued. You are needed. You are priceless.

Music therapy: A different approach to life, to therapy, and to medical care.

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