An Open Letter To Our Clients – Past, Present, and Future

From our hearts to yours,

At Gsus we are humbled and privileged beyond measure to be music therapists. We truly LOVE what we do – even when what we are asked to do is tough. We do not, and cannot, take for granted the incredible honor you give us by allowing us to come into your life, into your homes, into your facilities, onto your treatment team, and into your homes and hospital rooms to share so many wonderful and truly inspiring moments with you. When you choose Gsus, you are not just choosing another therapy professional to be on your treatment team, you are choosing someone who is going to care about you and the things that are important to you. Yes, you do pay us for a service; but what you get is so much more. You become a part of us and a part of the Gsus family from the time we serve you and long after you no longer need our services.

The paycheck we receive pays our bills; but what you receive from us is genuine and real all of the time. We are honored to spend our time with you and to care for you and to be with you in your time of need. We are fully invested in your needs and making sure that what we do for you helps you to accomplish your goals. We will gladly work with other members of your treatment team. Our only agenda is to help you to the best of our abilities. We care – and not because we are paid to care.

You do not have to worry or be concerned about expressing yourself or having moments of humanness with us. We are not just your sounding board or your listening ears, we are in your corner and we will advocate for your needs. If you are upset, we will listen. If you are hurting, we will share that experience with you. If you cry, we will never tell you it is not okay. In some cases, we may even cry too. However you choose to express yourself, we will help you do it. And if you want it, we will help you create a soundtrack for your life.

Music Therapy38

You do not need to have any musical skills to have us be part of your treatment team. We promise we will give you the opportunity each and every time we see you to be musical, to feel musical, and to feel successful in your musical expression any way you choose to engage in your music therapy. We love when you sing with us – even if it is off-key; because we can’t all be professional singers. We also firmly believe that music and musical expression is good and sweet medicine for not just your mind, but your body, and your spirit too. The medicinal value of the music does not diminish because it is not the “perfection” we all have heard on the radio. If you do not feel like singing, we are okay with that too. Sometimes receiving the gift of song is just a medicinal as producing a song. Listening to music and pondering your own thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas is just as important as playing and expressing your feelings. We will never be offended if you fall asleep during your session time. We think of sleeping during a session as a compliment that we are able to help you relax well enough and get more of what your mind, body, and spirit need in the moment; and we are always honored that you feel comfortable enough with us to fall asleep.

On the days you are feeling your worst, we hope you will be willing to allow us to come and help you feel better. Sometimes we are all up and sometimes we all get down. There is no judgment that will ever come from us about how you choose to engage with your therapy. If you want to beat a drum and holler, we will be there with you in the moment. If you want to hold a shaker and cry, we will be there in the moment with you. Feel free to cry. We want you to know you will not have to be in that moment alone. If you want to dance and shout and sing, we will be there in the moment with you. If you want quiet reflection, we will be there in the moment with you and do our best to support you in any way possible. We will always respect your right to ask us to not come and see you; but we feel you should know, we are qualified and well-trained to help you manage your thoughts and feelings in the moment and to help you manage the symptoms and emotions that may be present on those days.

We know – not just for ourselves – but from experience, that music sometimes brings strong emotions to the surface and sometimes it can be sudden and overwhelming. We want you to know that we will be with you in those moments and we will help you – even if the help we are able to provide is just to listen and comfort you. We will gladly welcome your family members and caregivers to share in those moments if that is your wish. We will help you write songs to convey your message or to have a conversation.

And if you are dying, we will do our best to help you do so as gracefully and peacefully as possible. We will come and see you in your final moments. We know that dying happens in stages and at all ages; and even though there may come a stage of the process where your are not able to respond or to engage, we know you will still be able to hear us – even if you cannot respond. We will share the history of our journey together and we will be there even after you have gone. We will work to help give comfort to your family during the grieving process and help them all say “until we meet again” to you. If your family asks us to provide music for your memorial services, we will be there and we will share the legacy you have left behind with them all. We will still think of you after you have gone.

At Gsus, once you have become part of our music therapy family, we will never forget you. We will always remember the honor and privilege it was to be with you. All of our clients and patients are part of our extended family and will always be a part of our hearts. We are fully committed to aid you in your life’s journey – however that looks.

Thank you for being a part of the Gsus Music Therapy family.

The Gsus Music Therapy Treatment Team