There Is No “I” in Ensemble

Imagine standing on a stage, getting ready to give the first public performance of your life.  You have worked hard for weeks, even months, on the music.  There is excitement and anticipation in the air, but there is also a bit of nervousness and perhaps even fear.  The director reassures you that you will do great.  The lights go dim and only the lights on the stage remain.  You watch the director take their position in front of your group.  Moments later, the director raises their hands and the room goes silent.  The director’s arms begin to move and the music begins.  The air is filled with wonderful sounds and joyful noises, the audience takes it all in, and the whole room is seemingly transcended to a magical place.

This is the experience we make sure all of our participants receive.  This is the experience that can be life changing.  No matter what instrument they are playing – whether it be a drum, guitar, hand chime, triangle, or kazoo – each part is important.  No matter how much or in what way they are participating – they are participating.  No matter what level of ability or experience they bring to the ensemble, we work hard to ensure everyone who desires to participate will experience the joy, pride, and fulfillment of making music with others.  They will work hard to make the magic happen, and hard work is its’ own best reward.

Through Gsus Harmonies, as music therapists, musicians, and music educators, we uphold the highest of professional, ethical, and personal standards – not only those dictated by our profession, but our personal standards of accountability and excellence.  Upholding these standards allows for our clients and patients to have the most effective and therapeutically beneficial experience we can provide.  The same as with any other therapy or health care practitioner, music therapists are charged to have the utmost concern for clients and patients and to do no harm.  At Gsus, our goal is to help our clients actualize their potential and realize their best self.

Our organization and ensembles are open to those within the geriatric community, the intellectually disabled community, the developmentally disabled community, the physically disabled community, and the medical and rehabilitating community. In addition, our organization and ensembles are also open to those who just want to have some fun making music and have the opportunity to be the change they want to see within their community.

To ensure we are providing the best services and experience we can, anyone interested in joining our ensembles – no matter what age or level of ability or disability – must undergo a music therapy assessment and be evaluated for their current level of overall functioning, social and behavioral skills necessary for group participation, and musicality (among other things).  Note: while no musical skill or previous musical experience is necessary for participation, the data provided through the assessment process helps us ensure an individual will be able to participate in a way that is most effective and rewarding.  This assessment provides an overall view of how well the participant will function within the ensemble, and will help to plan accordingly based on strengths and needs.  No exceptions to this will be made for any reason; the ethics of our profession dictates that all individuals are to be assessed before beginning any work.  This assessment is also vitally important for the safety and success of all participants and the ensemble.

Do you want to make a referral for services? Would you like more information about music therapy? Are you interested in music therapy for yourself or a loved one? Do you think one of our performance ensembles is just the medicine the doctor ordered? Do you want to find out what your heart says? Give us a call at 512.754.9631, message us here or on Facebook, or send us an email at or fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form right here on our site.

We wish you the grooviest of days and at least one moment that takes your breath away and makes your heart smile!

The Gsus Music Therapy Treatment Team